3 Family Fun Camping Games for When it Rains

Whether you’re sitting in your new RV or you’ve been RVing since you were a little kid, sometimes you’re at a loss for what to do in a smaller space when it’s raining outside. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these three fun camping games to try!


Camping Games



The infamous game of SPOONS, where everyone fights to the death for a piece of silverware (not literally, but some wild games have gotten awfully close!). If your friends and family are hardcore card gamers, this is this the game for you.

1. Sit in a circle with one less spoon than there are participants in the middle of the circle. Each player gets 4 cards in their hands.

2. Pass around a deck of cards (one by one), with the goal of finding 4 of the same rank.

3. Once a set of 4 is found by a player, that player discreetly swipes a spoon from the middle.

4. As other players notice, the game erupts in chaos as everyone vies for a spoon.

One player will be left without a spoon, which means the losing player gets an “S” on the score sheet. If that person loses again, they get a “P.” Once the word has spelled out “SPOONS,” that player is out of the game until you’re only left with a winner.

2. Telepictionary

Ever heard of pictionary? Telephone? Put them together, and you’ve got “telepictionary”! Every player gets a pad of paper and a pencil at the beginning of this game. Each player picks a word that they desire to start out with. This word is a noun–examples being a cow, an RV, a fishbowl, etc.

1. Each player draws out their own word.

2. After 30 seconds, they must pass their pad of paper to the next person.

3. The person receives the drawing and tries to guess what the picture is by writing what they think the word is on the next piece of paper in the pad. After 30 seconds, they must pass the pad of paper to the next person (note: make sure the person cannot see the previous drawing when it is passed).

4. The next person receives the word and must draw a picture based on the word that was guessed before them.

Get the picture? It’s such a fun and simple game, and can be played over and over with a lot of laughs to go around!

3. Would You Rather…?

This one you won’t need anything for but your brains. It’s as easy as asking the question, “would you rather…?” and then adding something funny to the end. If you’re having some trouble coming up with questions, here are some fun questions to ask the other person:

1. Would you rather be an astronaut that discovers a way to live on the moon, or a scientist that discovers a way to recreate your favorite food out of thin air?

2. Would you rather be famous now and forgotten when you die, or unknown now and famous when you’re dead?

3. Would you rather be able to control water or fire?

That’s just a few to get you started!

Whether you’re bored of being shut inside or you’re just looking to have some fun, we hope this list of easy camping games will make for a fun game night with your fellow campers! If you’re looking to start your camping adventures in a new RV, please contact us today.

We wish you happy camping and beautiful weather!

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