We’re Now Part of the Route 66 RV Network!

Did you know that we, here at Ocean Grove, are now part of the Route 66 RV network? We are so excited to not only be a part of this but also that all of our amazing customers get to be a part of it! Allow us to share with you about everything you can get from being in this incredible network.

Route 66 RV Network
We are excited to be a part of the Route 66 RV Network!

First, the Route 66 RV network is the largest network of independent RV dealers in North America. With over 140 locations participating in this network, our customers will now have access to all of them. This is perfect for traveling, because when you are somewhere unfamiliar and something goes wrong with your RV, you want to know that there is someone nearby that you trust.

At all of the Route 66 RV network locations, you will have access to a 10% discount on the parts and accessories stores, and you will receive preferred service at over 1,200 deal service bays if something goes wrong with your RV. You’ll get the proper care and service you need from certified RV technicians to ensure that you can travel without worry.

The Route 66 RV network also comes with a 24/7 roadside assistance and technical support program. You never know when something could happen while you are traveling, and with this assistance program, you can get the help you need quickly and anywhere you may find yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, by being a part of the Route 66 RV network, you can a 10% discount on every night you stay at a KOA campground. This is the world’s largest network of family-friendly campgrounds, you can get an incredible price at any of their locations just by being our customer.

If you have any question about this RV network, feel free to contact us or come by our location. We would love to show you all of the ways we take care of our customers no matter where they are.

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